Pickup Time
6am to 9pm
9pm to 6am
Approximate distance between the two points on the chosen route is: 12 km Approximate driving time is: 7 mins
Approximate Price
Estimated Fare: $0.0 EFTPOS Service Fee: $0.0 Total Fare: $0.0 Monday - Friday Excluding Public Holidays. Please Note : From 1st February 2018 all NSW pickups will charge an additional $1.10 Passenger Service Levy.
The fare estimator does not take into account the impact of weather and traffic conditions and does not include transaction charges, levies or airport tolls.
*Disclaimer: The results of the Fare Calculator are an estimate only based on travel by a standard taxi and does not take into account traffic conditions, delays, etc. that will increase the fare. Please note that High Occupancy Taxis with five or more passengers attract a higher rate than a standard taxi.